Tri-Strip Set Shape LOD Stumper

So here’s what I’m getting (consistently in this file) when I try to read the Vertex Shape LOD in this Tri-Strip:

  1. Vertex Shape LOD Version Number: 1 (quite sensible)
  2. Vertex Shape LOD Vertex Bindings: 0x004a0001 (If I’m reading this correctly, that’s two component vertex coordinates (2D?), texture coordinate 6 has both 2 component and 4 component coordinates, and texture coordinate 7 has 3 component coordinates. That makes no sense that I can see?)
  3. TopoMesh LOD Version NUmber: 0 (quite illegal)

So… hmm. Are we missing something here? If the vertex bindings started with the 004a, they’d be 0x0000004a. That’s 3 Component Vertex Coordinates, Normal Binding, and Vertex Flag Binding. That seems much more reasonable. Let’s give it a try…

Update: If I add a step 1.5 reading an I16 up there, then we get the more sensible vertex binding above, and the TopoMesh LOD Version Number is 2, which is legal. This seems like a promising avenue…

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3 Responses to Tri-Strip Set Shape LOD Stumper

  1. Afanqi says:

    Hi there, I am working on JT format too. Maybe we can work together?

    • Stephan says:

      Hey guys,

      are you still working on the JT Import?

      • colomon says:

        I haven’t been actively working on it in quite some time, but I would love to have it working. I actually meant to reply to Afanqi’s post like a year ago… which tells you how much I haven’t been working on JT.

        Anyway, if people want to pool knowledge to try to figure this puzzle out, I am game, and will happily contribute space here and do my best to contribute useful information.

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